Sand Separators for Oil Field Applications

Sand Separators have long been used to remove solids, such as sand or silt, from the well stream. Though a commonly found system in oil production, they require good design and robust construction. Surface Equipment sand separators are designed and fabricated with long, trouble free service life in mind.

Horizontal slug catchers are designed for small particle separation (10 microns) in applications where there is more liquid and lower gas flow. They are best suited as 3 phase separators, and provide good separation.

These systems use advanced features, enhancing durability as well as process. Surface Equipment systems utilize an inlet diverter; this slows the well stream and applies gravity to allow the sand to fall to the bottom of the vessel. Although Surface Equipment has a standard sand separator design, sand separators can be custom built and fabricated for specific site requirements. They are available in either an "L" shaped skid and/or trailer mounted configurations.

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Vertical Sand Separators 7500 PSI
Vertical Sand Separators 7500 PSI
Sand Separators for Bass Fishing and Rental
Sand Separators for Bass Fishing and Rental

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