Surface Equipment Corporation wants to partner with your company in providing for your equipment needs. Whether those needs are primarily in high pressure, natural gas midstream equipment or geared more toward well testing and flowback, Surface wants to be your high quality equipment solutions provider. 

Surface offers standard stock model 5k and 10k sand separators ready for delivery. These stock units offer a variety of connection options in order to insure optimum performance and convenience in the field. We also offer customer units either by Surface or customer design specifications. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Surface manufactures many pieces of equipment used in the separation process. From natural gas midstream to high pressure production equipment, Surface has the solution for you. 

Surface excels in large vessel manufacturing and design. With a variety of completed projects for knockout, containment, storage drums and bullet tanks, Surface has the expertise to build your project or partner with you for design and fabrication. 

Surface offers expertise in the fabrication of various pieces of equipment used in natural gas and chemical processing as well as production. Contact us today to find out more about how Surface can help you with your next processing or production equipment project.

Surface has built many filters and coalesecers for many different customers across the world.  These filters and coalesecers have proven time and time again to offer higher operating efficiencies.  We use the proprietary internal designs of Sepra-Chem to achieve these results. Surface can perform other designs per customer requirements.