Designed & Fabricated Vertical Sand Separators for the Oil and Gas Industry

Surface Equipment Corp was contracted to design and manufacture multiple vertical sand separators for a customer in the oil and gas industry. This unit is necessary to separate sand and other sediments from oil and gas well streams. The customer required a large order of vessels, built to demanding standards. Surface Equipment’s team of engineers designed the vessels to the precise usage and environmental requirements, using an inlet diverter to slow the well stream to allow gravity to pull the sand and silt to the vessel’s bottom. Production was turned over to an accomplished weld and fabrication team, who expertly employed processes including cutting, sub arc welding, manual welding, heat treating, grinding, and blasting to achieve the required profile with carbon steel. Advanced on-site equipment including 18 x 20 and 18 x 30 SHD manipulators equipped with tandem, Lincoln Power-Wave 1000 amp sub-arc, and 5-50 ton bridge cranes. The units were assembled and thoroughly tested with hydrostatic and full x-ray (radiographic) testing protocols.

The finished unit measured 10" in length and 24" in width. 50 vessels were constructed and shipped to the customer in Jane Lew, West Virginia. SEC is fully prepared to manage the design and fabrication of large pressure vessels and process equipment, consistently meeting the most rigorous standards of industry and exceeding customer expectations. For more information about this vertical sand separator, or other available manufacturing capabilities please see the table below or contact SEC directly.

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Vertical Sand Separator
Vertical Sand Separator
Vertical Sand Separator
Vertical Sand Separator
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Vertical Sand Separators Project Highlights

Product Name
Vertical Sand Separators
Product Description
This product is used to separate sand other sedimentary from oil and gas.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Equipment Design

Fabrication Services:
Sub Arc Welding
Manual/Hand Welding
Heat Treat
Pipe Work
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
  • 18 x 20 and 18 x 30 SHD manipulators equipped with tandem Lincoln Power-Wave 1000 amp sub-arc
  • 5-50 ton Bridge Cranes
Overall Part Dimensions
10" Length x 24" Width
Material Used
Carbon Steel
In Process Testing / Inspection Performed
Hydrostatic Testing
Full X-Ray (Radiographic)
Industry for Use
Oil & Gas
Delivery Location
Jane Lew, West Virginia
Standards Met
Customer Specifications
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